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Crystalline Memories

A World of Wonder Awaits

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acceptance, adventure, adventures, ancient cultures, animal crossing, animal crossing wild world, animal rights, animals, anxiety, archaelolgy, archery, arizona, aromatherapy, art, artifacts, astrology, astronomy, backpacking, backyard birds, backyard nature, bath & body works, being inspired, being myself, beliefs, birds, body art, books, boots, camping, candle making, chastity, children, coloring, combat, courage, creative writing, creativity, crystals, daydreaming, depression, destiny, dragons, dream analysis, dreams, emotions, equal rights, escapism, fairy tales, family, fantacy, fantasy, feathers, feminism, flowers, flute music, folklore, friends, games, gay rights, ghost hunters, ghosts, going to the zoo, guild wars, halloween, harvest moon, hiking, hope, horoscopes, humility, imvu, inspiration, inspirational music, inspirational words, inspirational writings, instinct, intelligence, journals, learning, legends, long hair, love, marriage, mental health, modesty, moon, moonlight, music, mythology, native american flute, nature, nature photography, nature walks, nightmares, nintendo ds, notebooks, novels, observing, originality, painting, palmistry, paranormal, parks, people watching, pets, philosophy, photography, planets, poetry, prophecies, prophecy, psychic abilities, psychics, psychology, rain, rainbows, rainy days, reading, reflection, religions of the world, renaissance festivals, romance, roses, rpg, rpgs, scented candles, self reflection, silver, sleeping, spirits, star gazing, stars, strength, supernatural, survivor, symbolism, tarot cards, tattoos, the elements, the unknown, theology, training, traveling, unifaction, unsolved mysteries, walks in nature, weight training, wood working, writing, zoos